Student Parking

Student parking at UNC is limited. Demand outweighs supply. At this point, the only permits available for purchase are S11 (commuter) or RR (resident - living on campus). To obtain a permit, visit the Public Safety building at 285 Manning Drive. Students must have their vehicle registration and proof of insurance (company policy number, expiration date) and have all parking citations paid prior to registering for permits.

The two mile radius restriction has been discontinued and is no longer enforced.

Parking permits are assigned through a Lottery Registration Process, which is held at the end of June and runs through the beginning of July. Once the payment period for any permit received is over, unpaid permits will be forfeited. Students who do not receive their first choice in the lottery will be automatically registered for a waitlist. During the waiting period, students may purchase an S11 or RR permit.

Student Parking Waitlist Sign-Up begins mid-August. Students may only be on one waitlist at any given time. If a student changes waitlists, the position on the current waitlist will be lost. The odds of receiving a permit from the waitlist are slim, so it's best to stay in line.

All other permits that are available (not claimed during the lottery process) will be offered to those students on the waitlist by highest position (randomly generated during the lottery process). Being on the waitlist does not guarantee you will be offered a permit during the academic year. Most permits have been claimed.

Students Withdrawing from Enrollment

Students who purchased a campus parking permit or a Park & Ride permit will need to return the permit to Public Safety Parking Services to obtain a prorated refund.  It is unlawful to transfer, sell or gift the permit to anyone.  If the permit is not returned, a lost/stolen affidavit will be completed.  The individual cited will be responsible for the citation and boot/tow associated with the violation.

2014 / 2015 Hardship Parking Application is HERE.

Student Hardship Parking Process is available for students that have significant responsibilities that are job and/or family-related and were unable to obtain a reasonable accommodation in the first-come, first-serve permit registration.  A Committee comprised of student government representatives review and assign available hardship permits.

Disability Transportation & Parking Access Latest Waiting List Releases

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Commuter Alternative Program (CAP)  Many commuter students opt to join the Commuter Alternative Program (CAP) and utilize commuting choices such as local and regional transit, park and ride, carpool, vanpool, biking, and walking to access campus.  The program provides participants economically and environmentally sound commuting opportunities.  All CAP registrations are done online at My Account




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