Student Parking Registration for 2014-15 Lottery Information

Student parking assignment for 2014-15 is a lottery process. The lottery registration period will begin June 23 and end July 7, 2014.

You will receive notification on July 11 as to whether or not you received a permit in the lottery. Payment for any permit received is due by July 18.

Incoming freshmen are not eligible for parking.

The two mile radius restriction has been discontinued and is no longer enforced.

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2014-15 student permits available:

Permit / Lot Amount Available Class
CD PERMIT 16 Graduate Resident
RR PERMIT 35 Graduate Resident
S12 PERMIT 62 Graduate Resident
CD PERMIT 126 Graduate Commuter
JD PERMIT 27 Graduate Commuter
N5 PERMIT 25 Graduate Commuter
RD PERMIT 165 Graduate Commuter
S10 PERMIT 58 Graduate Commuter
S11 PERMIT 268 Graduate Commuter
S4 PERMIT 16 Graduate Commuter
A PERMIT 11 Senior Resident
K PERMIT 54 Senior Resident
L PERMIT 15 Senior Resident
RR PERMIT 289 Senior Resident
S12 PERMIT 22 Senior Resident
CD PERMIT 35 Senior Commuter
JD PERMIT 7 Senior Commuter
N5 PERMIT 9 Senior Commuter
RD PERMIT 57 Senior Commuter
S10 PERMIT 18 Senior Commuter
S11 PERMIT 115 Senior Commuter
S4 PERMIT 10 Senior Commuter
A PERMIT 7 Junior Resident
CD PERMIT 4 Junior Resident
K PERMIT 64 Junior Resident
L PERMIT 12 Junior Resident
RR PERMIT 339 Junior Resident
S12 PERMIT 21 Junior Resident
CD PERMIT 30 Junior Commuter
JD PERMIT 6 Junior Commuter
N5 PERMIT 5 Junior Commuter
RD PERMIT 40 Junior Commuter
S10 PERMIT 13 Junior Commuter
S11 PERMIT 105 Junior Commuter
S4 PERMIT 3 Junior Commuter
A PERMIT 2 Sophomore Resident
K PERMIT 53 Sophomore Resident
L PERMIT 3 Sophomore Resident
RR PERMIT 465 Sophomore Resident
S12 PERMIT 6 Sophomore Resident
RD PERMIT 13 Sophomore Commuter
S10 PERMIT 10 Sophomore Commuter
S11 PERMIT 40 Sophomore Commuter
S10 PERMIT 6 Law - 2nd Year
S3 PERMIT 5 Law - 2nd Year
T PERMIT 25 Law - 2nd Year
S10 PERMIT 14 Law - 3rd Year
S3 PERMIT 10 Law - 3rd Year
T PERMIT 60 Law - 3rd Year
S11 PERMIT 40 Med School - 1st or 2nd Year


Non-gated Lots: (A, K, L, M, N5, S3, S4, S10, S11, S12, T)
Gated Lots (BD, CD (Craige Deck), JD, RD)
RR (remote Estes Drive parking)

Note: CD is Craige Deck. The Cobb Deck is only available through hardship parking.




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