Crime Prevention

UNC Police provide information and classes to campus to help prevent crime and support personal safety.

Campus Callbox Information and Locations

Here is a description of the campus callboxes as well as an interactive map to view there locations.

Campus Lighted Corridor

Here is a map showing a pedestrian-friendly corridor through the campus on which the University sharply focuses its lighting and personal safety resources. Also, find out more about UNC's new SafeWalk program Here

Personal Safety Classes

This is information on personal safety classes offered by UNC Police and other departments on campus including RAD classes (self-defense classes for women), "Shots Fired" presentations (offering guidance for surviving an active shooter situation), and many other personal safety classes and presentations.

Personal Safety Tips and Safety Video

Check out upcoming campus events and see how they will effect campus. Find out more about getting to the events you plan to attend.

Important Safety Video

Reporting a crime

Information you need if you have been part of a crime or witnessed a crime. You can report crime in person, via phone, via e-mail or even with an on-line form.



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