Crime Prevention Classes at UNC


UNC Department of Public Safety

Community Oriented Policing and Crime Prevention Programming

UNC Department of Public Safety services centers around one primary mission: developing partnerships within the University Community that encourages problem solving and communications in order to identify and address public safety and transportation needs with professionalism and integrity, while protecting North Carolina’s future.

This commitment includes the provision of services to the community when crimes do occur, as well as the prevention of crime.  One of the goals set forth by the Department of Public Safety is to stop crime before it takes place.  To attain this goal, a great deal of detail is given to community-oriented policing and crime prevention programming.  Our pro-active, community-oriented crime prevention programs focus on providing educational programs for the students, faculty, and staff.  These programs allow for the Department to stay in touch with the community’s needs.  The programs available through request are as follows, but are not limited to those listed:

  • Alcohol on campus: Informs the audience about alcohol use and abuse and the laws that relate.
  • Acquaintance Rape: Informs the audience about things to do to avoid becoming a victim.
  • Campus Fire Safety: Informs the audience on the importance of knowing safety routes to follow in case of an emergency and also discusses the laws governing tampering with fire safety equipment.
  • Work Place Violence: Informs the audience of signs to look for, preventive measures to take and the laws regarding both.
  • Operation ID: Informs the audience about the use of engravers for personal items and University property.  Provides form and decals for use with the property.
  • Vandalism: Explains the impact and legal violations that most people are not aware of and how to report the illegal activity.
  • Crosswalk safety: Informs the audience of the shared responsibility between pedestrians and motorist.
  • Larceny Reduction: A 20 minute presentation that informs the audience on how to protect their personal property.
  • Shots Fired: A 30 minute DVD presentation and question answer session that provides information on what to do if an active shooter is in your area on campus and how to be aware of the potential warning signs.
  • See Something Say Something: A 20 minute program that gives information on how to report suspicious activity or unsafe conditions within the campus community.  This program encourages bystander participation by using your cell phone or emergency call boxes located throughout campus.
  • 1st 8 weeks: Provides new and returning students information concerning the campus and how to get around using the bus system, P2P, lighted corridor, as well as important phone numbers for their new home.

Other information available upon request or on the Department’s web site are:

  • Security Surveys: Informs the requester of vulnerable areas and possible solutions to help tighten security.
  • Daily crime reports: Available through the department’s web site.  Informs the viewer of the types of crimes that occur on this University Campus.  Special bulletins are also sent to areas where crime trends are prevalent.
  • Annual reports: Provides information on a yearly basis concerning crimes and crime trends for the University Campus.  This information is available both on the web site and in booklet form.

For more information about scheduling a crime prevention program or workshop please contact the Department of Public Safety’s Crime Prevention Office at 966-3230 or visit the Department’s web site at  Classes can be tailored to meet your individual needs and new classes are added as the need arises.






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