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Visitor Parking at UNC

Parking facilities dedicated to visitor and patient parking are located throughout the UNC campus.  This parking provides hourly parking access to visitors and patients to the UNC campus as well as the UNC Health Care System. 

Important Links
Employee / Patient Request Form
Hourly / Daily Parking Rates
Patient / Visitor Shuttle Hours for the UNC Healthcare Campus
UNC Healthcare Campus Maps
UNC Visitor Center
Validation Coupon (Hourly / Daily) Request Form
Visitor Parking Map

Academic (North / Central campus) Visitor Parking

North & Central campus visitor parking areas are located throughout the academic campus.  Employees and students are not eligible to park in visitor parking areas with the exception of the Rams Head Deck, which is specifically available for visitors to campus and to meet the short-term parking needs of both students and employees.  Departments or Organizations wishing to reserve parking space(s) in the visitor parking areas located on North and Central Campus should submit a request at Event Parking & Transportation Request Form.  Departments may purchase validation coupons (hourly / daily) to pay for visitor parking by submitting a Validation Coupon (Hourly / Daily) Request Form.  Meters are also located throughout campus and provide short-term parking options to campus.

UNC Healthcare (South campus) Visitor Parking

South campus patient / visitor parking areas are located throughout the medical complex.  See the UNC Healthcare website for additional information regarding patient/visitor access needs.  Employees and students are not eligible to park in patient / visitor parking areas on south campus to attend to employment or academic business.  To prevent employees and students with legitimate medical appointments and health care issues from receiving a parking citation, please obtain a temporary permit from the booth attendant when entering the hourly parking lot or request a temporary permit online by submitting an Employee Patient Permit Request Form and have it mailed directly.











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