Parking on Campus at UNC

Student Parking Permits- There are a limited number of parking permits available to students. Permits are available during the school year and for both summer sessions.


Disability Parking- Students with short term and permanent disabilities may be eligible for special parking. Disability application process and disability application.

Student Eligibility for Parking Permits - Many students are not eligible to park on campus. Anyone living within two-miles of campus is not eligible for parking (list of streets and apartments with 2 miles). A complete list of criteria is available here.

Hardship Information- Students that do not receive a permit could be eligible for a permit through the Hardship Application Process. There are additional links concerning hardship within the Hardship Application Process page, including the current hardship parking release.

Altenatives to Parking- There are many ways for students to get to school such as fare-free buses. Explore parking alternatives to see if one is right for you.


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